Tropical Vacations:

Hawaii is one of my favorite travel destinations. It's beautiful and clean and there is a wide variety of things to do. Traveling there is simple since it is in the "good ol' USA" and no passport is required. And now, like many destinations, the bargains abound. Even the airfares have gone down since last year.

If you have never been to Hawaii we would be happy to discuss which island or islands might fit best with your expectations and tastes. Then we'll suggest a package that will fit your dreams and your budget.

The South Pacific has a reputation of being high priced, but it may be less expensive than you think. A Tahiti cruise may fit into your budget as your room and meals are included and you can visit several islands. Fiji is also a less expensive option.


Cruises are an exceptional value and unpacking once and coming “home” each evening can be very comforting. There are many cruise lines and itineraries to choose from which may become overwhelming. We will help you choose the best to fit your style and budget and are here to answer questions you may have, handle airline arrangements, and get payments and paperwork taken care of.

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